Parquet Flooring

QAF Closets is a prominent name in providing all kind of flooring i.e. parquet flooring, engineered wooden flooring or laminate for commercial and residential customers in UAE.

Your all kinds of requirements will be met as we supply all ranges of products. We focus to provide you long lasting and styled products entertaining your needs while understanding the best value for money and sustaining the usual climate of UAE

Parquet Flooring

We love to create magnificently beautiful products for you, therefore, we use symmetric medley of wooden pieces which is the most fashionable style of flooring in the new villas. We have a variety of designs and materials such as oak wood, walnut wood, pine wood and maple wood. These are not only durable, but are easy to maintain too while being highly cost effective. These floorings are easy to clean with a brush or vacuum cleaner and can also be mopped without any fear of wear or decaying. You are free to choose from different kinds of finishes available like high gloss, matt or hand craft etc.

Engineered Wood Flooring

The trendiest flooring in the contemporary style of home décor is he Engineering Wood Flooring due to its durability over lifetime, convenient maintenance. The most attractive benefit is that we offer you to select from the large variety of design, color finish and style.

It starts by constructing three layers of wood, hard pressed at each other. This layering makes it strong enough to adapt the contraction and expansion of wood. We use highest quality wood i.e. oak and walnut with a thickness of 2, 3 or 4mm

Laminate Flooring

Another great choice of flooring is Laminate flooring, which is aesthetically beautiful yet economically good at the same time durable for more than 2 decades. It is constructed using the similar process of layering together exceptionally wonderful material, making it solid and durable.

Melamine is used in the top layers to great strength. Décor paper is used in the next layer to give tremendously genuine wood look. We use high density fiber board to give the plank strength while installing the floor we ensure adaptation of its expanding. Balancing paper is used in the bottom layer to make it flawlessly straight.

Laminating is beneficial from all dimensions. Its durability and long lasting makes it highly cost effective. Additionally it is ecologically beneficial while satisfying your aesthetical taste.



When we customize a design for you, we consider your space, your style, and your budget. We offer a wide range of quality options so we can satisfy each of our customer’s needs.

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