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Organize your belongings from top to bottom with spacious and creative closets designed and produced by QAF.


Transform your kitchen into a super-efficient multi-purpose unit from concept to installation.

Be Unique. Say Goodbye to Mass-Produced Closets & Kitchens

Your Home, Your Way!

The difference between good design and great design is the element of individuality that makes it stand out. We achieve this by providing all-round customizable solutions designed just for You. From concept to installation, we ensure that your Closets & Kitchens aptly reflect the purpose of your room. Your home is an extremely personal space, and QAF ensures that it remains that way. No more random purchases of assembly-line products!

QAF Closets & Kitchens

QAF Closets & Kitchens brings quality, value for money, and aesthetics under one roof. We utilize materials that are best in terms of durability and visual quality. Combined with superior craftsmanship, we can guarantee long-lasting Closets & Kitchens that never loses its appeal. All our products come with long-term warranty and a promise of free maintenance within the period. You will be so attached to the Closets & Kitchens; you are never going to let it go!

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QAF Design

Customized, Collaborative and Complimentary!

Have ideas about what you want your Closets & Kitchens to look like? Need expert advice? You can talk to us for FREE, and together we can pave way to your dream home! We also offer standard pieces of Closets & Kitchens with minimal customization, as you choose. Our services are configured to your requirements, and we endeavor to provide a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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