Design To Your Budget

Closet customization and storage solutions are priced according to the design, material, color and accessories you select. Imagine you would like to have a 2 m wide closet, how your closet would be priced is explained in below steps.

Level 1
Design Details:
• Closet without baseboard.
• Plain color finish
• Standard shelves
• Limited number of drawers with limited styling
Closet Structure:
1. Open door closet  / Walk-in
2. Ideal for dressing room with less space
3. Modern Look/ without base and back board.
4. Hanging rods
Leve 2
Design Details:
• Closet with the baseboard.
• Wall mounted closet
• Wooden texture with variety of colors and or Glossy finish
• More drawers and styles
• Flexibility of self-adjusting shelves
Closet Structure:
1. Drawers with Groove Cut style
2. Angled shoe shelves
3. Jewelry Drawer and acrylic partitions for better organizing
4. Accessories i.e. Pant Rack, Tie Rack and Belt Rack etc.
5. Hanging rods

Leve 3
Design Details:
• Closet with base and back board.
• Unique finishes and embossing of German and Italian MFC
• Have more drawers with more styles like glass front drawer
• Push to open and soft closing mechanism for drawers
• Hinged doors with different styles of Doors.
Closet Structure:
1. Branded LED’s for shelves
2. Shoe shelves with fences
3. Drawer with more styles i.e. Groove, Glass front, Acrylic front etc.
4. Jewelry drawers and drawers with acrylic dividers.
5. Choice to use multiple colors within the closet
6. Customized with variety of accessories i.e. Basket, Tie Rack, and Belt Rack Etc.
7. Hanging Rods with LED’s.