About QAF Furniture

QAF was founded to introduce design solutions and products for appealing interiors that can be just as affordable and durable. We love to design furniture filled with life, furniture that are passed through generations. Be it the design of your closets, furniture, or kitchen cabinetry and layout, we have what you need.


Services beyond the Contract

We believe in building life-long relationships with our clients. We are committed to providing any assistance you may require in using or relocating our products, post contract. We strive to ensure that our services are thorough and gains complete client satisfaction.

Personalized Solution from Concept to Installation

Every piece made by QAF is designed with the client’s detailed requirements in mind, following deep discussions with our experts. We use diverse materials of the best kind, and craft stunning, sturdy furniture to adorn your interiors. QAF Furniture also houses standard pieces of furniture that can be bought with little or no customization.


Shortest Delivery Time

QAF Furniture is proud to prioritize prompt deliveries. It is a target for us to deliver our quality products in the shortest possible delivery time. We offer a variety of delivery times that have been set and placed depending on the individual product and the level of customization required.

After Sales Service

We at QAF furniture are dedicated to take care of our client’s products even after purchase.We deal with our valued customer issues in an efficient manner ensuring total satisfaction. Keeping the same design features upon customer request,dismantling, moving and reinstalling are also provided for a small additional fee withminimal disruption to you, your home and family.

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